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Real Estate


Julius Baer Real Estate Management Center is a real estate development enterprise integrating real estate development, management, housing leasing and property management. The company since its establishment, relying on scientific management, pragmatic style of work and perfect mechanism of choose and employ persons, investment in the development of the treasure ShengWanAn plaza, mount tai Po shing square, daishan sea chau Po shing square, treasure ShengShiJi center, and many other projects, through the unremitting efforts to develop, at present, bao sheng real estate has been erected in the real estate industry "bao sheng" brand, and gained high social influence.

Zhejiang Hanjing Architectural Decoration Engineering Co., LTD. Is an architectural decoration enterprise mainly engaged in the fine decoration of high-star hotels, batch houses and high-end commercial offices. It has been engaged in the architectural decoration industry for more than 20 years. The registered capital of the company is 50 million yuan, now has the construction decoration project professional contracting level II qualification, has the strength of the design team and the formal construction team, the business scope involves Zhejiang, Suzhou, Shandong, Anhui and other provinces and cities. The company undertakes all kinds of architectural decoration projects. Through direct management and standard information control, it has completed more than 20 high-star hotel decoration projects, 500,000 square meters residential decoration projects, and more than 30 office and commercial decoration projects. Participated in the project has won the national quality project, Qianjiang Cup, Taishan Cup and other quality projects awards; Through technical innovation won a number of patents and provincial construction law honor. It has been well received by owners and agent construction companies.

Company with a number of top 500 enterprises and domestic well-known enterprise, has established the long-term cooperation relations, the company adhere to the "people-oriented" talent management mechanism, with the leading domestic, international first-class "as the vision, to" lead the industry development, and promote China's decoration industry modernization "as our mission, flattery" details determine quality, the professional achievement of excellence "spirit of enterprise, through years of efforts to explore and develop, the company has formed a basic stability, solid management network, for the general customers to provide more professional service and high quality architectural decoration decoration.

Hangzhou Zhuqi Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Zhejiang Baoseng Industrial Development Co., LTD. The company is a high-tech company involved in security prevention, information communication, computer network, audio and video application, wine management software application/development, system integration/development and other fields, to provide users with pre-feasibility assessment, research, planning, design, construction, acceptance, maintenance and other one-stop services.

Hangzhou Zhuqi Technology Co., LTD. Registered capital of 5 million yuan. The company is located in the beautiful south bank of Qiantang River, Hangzhou Xiaoshan Qianjiang Century City in the KeBaosheng Science and Technology Park. At present, the company has a group of young strong, well-trained, skilled, skilled and skilled professional construction technology team, planning, design, layout wiring, installation, debugging, maintenance capabilities have reached the domestic advanced level.

Intelligent in the field of construction, construction of various kinds of projects, including hotel categories: hangzhou treasure water expo garden hotel, yangzhou Thai embellish hotel, shandong taishan grand hotel, civilized international hotel, such as housing types: shandong taishan square Julius baer, hangzhou xiaoshan linjiang reside a room, amount of talents apartment, harmony and happiness, hangzhou canal building intelligence engineering such as royal lagoon. Because the company pay attention to the study at ordinary times the national laws, regulations and follow the construction standard and process, and requirements in strict accordance with the national standards and operation process operation, pay special attention to construction quality and construction safety, pay attention to the process of construction process management, put an end to all kinds of accidents, firmly establish a "quality first, safety first, service first" philosophy, to complete the construction task, with good quality by the broad masses of the owers, achieved good social and economic benefits.

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